Aquar.io IO Game

Welcome to Aquar.io — fascinating multiplayer game, the next long-awaited sequel to the Oceanar.io io game!

How to play

Aquar.io is an addictive underwater world where incredible adventures and funny battles are waiting for you. Start playing with a small Queen fish and grow your school over time. You will meet different ocean dwellers during your underwater adventure. Some of them will gladly join your school while another will go hostile. You will find many game secrets which will help you in becoming the true master of the deeps of Aquar.io!
👉 The main character of the game is your Queen fish. Direct it with your mouse pointer. Feed it to grow your school. Protect it. The game will end if your Queen fish dies.
👉 Hold the left mouse button or “W” key to send your school into the battle.
👉 Hold the right mouse button or “Space” key for a short period of time to merge your school. Merged creatures are much stronger!
👉 Hold the right mouse button or “Space” key for a long period of time to devour your creatures. Your Queen fish will gain experience after devouring your school. After gaining required amount of experience your Queen fish will advance to the next level of evolution!
👉 There are five levels of the Queen fish evolution. Each level of evolution unlocks some special ability.
👉 You can scroll to zoom in and out. The game will automatically zoom out as your school grows bigger.
👉 You can select your school colors with arrow buttons on the sides of the logo.

Spectate Mode

👉 You can watch other players while they are playing Aquar.io. Click “Spectate” button to go into spectate mode. Hit “Esc” key to get back to starting menu.
👉 While in spectate mode, you can move camera with “WASD” buttons.

Game Account

👉 Sign in into Aquar.io with Facebook or VK by clicking “Sign In” button.
👉 Game results of signed in users are stored on Aquar.io server. Best players are listed in “Top 1000” players list. Can you become one of them?
👉 You can attach your YouTube channel or Twitch URL to your game account. They will appear in “Top 1000” players list if you're good enough to get there! Aren't you? To manage your S3Games account click “Account” button.

Game Settings

👉 You can always configure several game parameters.
👉 Toggle “Sound” button to turn game sound on or off.
👉 Toggle “Music” button to turn background game music on or off.
👉 The nearest game server is choosing automatically. However, you still can select one manually.
Good Luck!